My Old Friend

This is a song I wrote and recorded recently.
Please click on the link to hear it.
I also placed the lyrics below.
Thanks for listening.
– Tom

Good to see you my old friend
What a surprise how have you been.
I’ve been well, I hope that you’ve been fine.
I agree
It’s been a long long time.

How’s it going in your life.
How’s the family? How’s your wife?
How things change, now we understand.
It’s alright
to change our plans.

We’re not the same as we used to be.
So much that we, could not foresee.

It’s Time to go my old friend.
Let’s try to do this once again.
So many memories, in the mind.
We must not wait, such a long long time.


Not By My Grit

With grit and determination,
I struggled for my salvation.
My failure drove me to quit.
But Jesus obtained it.




Uniform Individuality

God wants us not in uniform.
Like a collection on a shelf.
But He desires that we flourish,
and be great as our self.







I Remember

I remember the unafraid,
who chose not to be saved.
But to sacrifice their all,
as a witness to Gods call.




He Will Radiate

He will radiate,
with glory from above.
The one filled with the Spirit.
Expressing peace with love.













Rescue Request