As A Swarm

Temptations come as a swarm.
They promise joy but cause one harm.
Resist the price one can’t afford.
Turn in prayer to the Lord.











One thought on “As A Swarm

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Just as swam denote moving in the water as a result of swimming. it is at risk for experience swimmer to go to an extreme in swimming. Forgetting that the lungs can fail, the limbs can be tired and the hands get weak , since their is not extra. Somethings humans are over confidence in wanting to explore the whole earth in searching for the intelligent maker or designer but forgetting that the journey to explore in totality sometimes it can take the whole span of one’s life. why not be temperate! God alone is the ALL KNOWING, ALL- POWERFUL, ALMIGHTY, and the rest of ALL…

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