Rest Not Relax

To rest in the Lord,
means not relax,
for there is much,
work to do.
But be at peace
as you labor,
to bring out
the pure
and true.




2 thoughts on “Rest Not Relax

  1. Take daily time to find the Lord. Read the Word. Today, I read Psalm 91. When I finished, I prayed. Soon I found myself singing to the Lord, and the songs were new. When we sing to Him, we come boldly before His throne, and sing in the name of Jesus. It makes me think about Him when I sing. ..even with new songs!

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  2. And the peace of God comes after I have prayed, and sung to Him. His peace can rule in your heart, if you let it. His Word should be like a waterfall inside you. Take it, read it for you, and meditate on it. The Word is a lamp, and a light to your feet. The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. The Word will never return to you empty. It will accomplish what the Lord has in mind, in you and in others.

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