Through The Years

I journey through the years,
adjusting hopeful plans,
yet my confidence is strong,
that God holds my hand.



Ever Hopeful

My heart is ever hopeful.
Lord I trust in You.
For Your Word is salvation,
eternal and true.


Pillage Of Image

Christ captured hell.
He conquered death
and its pillage.
Recreating spirits
of believers
into His image.


A Festive Occasion

On Christmas we are festive.
Yet we pause and take the time.
To commemorate how Jesus,
was born
to save mankind.



We Three Kings

It is not yet Epiphany, but this is a good song that is not heard as much as it should be in the Christmas season.

His Bounty

We are blessed
by God’s bounty.
We give Him
thanks and praise.
He is holy
and mighty,
and loving
in His ways.



To Respond

There is so much to discover,
in this life,
and the one beyond.
When one hears God’s call,
and faithfully responds.