Love Never Faded

Time has made
the colors faded.
The world falls
in decay.
But God’s love
foreverĀ brightly.
To His children
a fresh bouquet.





Access To The King

You have access
to the King.
The creator of
No special right
is required.
Or membership in
the admired.
Set aside
personal fear.
Our loving God
beckons you near.
Hearing each
one’s request.
Forgiving sin
and granting

Don - Edward - Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

Never Sated

Never full,
never sated,
desire for You
is unabated.
Love for thee
never undone,
I call to You,
Holy Spirit,



Be Not Chaotic

Let your heart
be not chaotic,
with anguish
that will not cease.
But rest in Christ
and dwell in peace.
It passes all understanding,
yet dwells in the humble
and the awed.
It’sĀ rest in the Holy Spirit,
and the comfort
of God.



In Anticipation

All creation waits
in anticipation
for the coming day
of the Lord.
For in that day
every tear
will be dried,
and all things
will be



To Elicit Response

To elicit response
the Lord will call
not with thunder
to shake all.
Not with lighting
or a whirlwind.
But with a still small voice,
one hears



Aromatic Variation

The things of the Spirit are aromatic,
giving the soul a sweet breath.
But to unbelievers,
the christian life
has the smell
of death.