The Ancient And New

He is ancient
and eternal,
always was
and ever new.
Through Him
all is created.
All in His Word,
is true.
He bestows grace
and love,
and guides everything.
For He is
God almighty,
the Lord
and King.





From Underground

As a seed planted
faith grows inside,
and becomes,
For the birds
build and rest,
in the tallest trees,
that sprout from just
a mustard seed.





The Waiting

All creation,
stands waiting,
for restoration,
and liberating,
to hear the voice,
of God’s call,
to renew the world,
from man’s fall.



Always Urgent

It may not seem urgent,
to live in God’s light.
One thinks there is time,
to turn towards the right.
But one never knows,
as they plan,
their desires,
that this very day,
their soul may be,



The Candle Wick

As the wick burns on a candle,
meant to show forth
its light,
so you should not hide
the Spirit of the right.
For God dwells within,
those who believe
and obey,
His Son and His Words,
shine forth,
bright as day.



Reliable Promises

Many break
their promises,
despite what they
may say.
But the promises,
of God,
are always yea,
not nay.



An Original

With history,
and ancestry,
endless people
lived and died.
Yet despite
the many,
one needs
to realize.
The truth
is marvelous,
and mystical,
that your life
is unique,
and you are