Some Disagree

One looks around,
and they can see,
so many things,
on which some disagree,
but that’s not the way,
it has to be,
for how good it is,
to live in unity.




Not Pretend

Many move through life,
and pretend,
that this time they have,
will never end,
yet in Christ,
those passing through,
will have life eternal,
ever new.



Hike Through Life

Like a walk,
as a hike,
is a journey,
through life.

Yet we need not fear,
or from troubles,
for we know we walk,
with God,
at our side.



Fragile Life

The life of man is fragile,
a passing whisp,
a blade of grass,
but beyond this world,
it’s eternal,
in Christ,
it forever lasts.



The Turning Of Learning

I have been,
slow to learn,
but learn I have,
and my world did turn.
It has become,
that which is right,
as I continue to,
walk in God’s light.


In A Twinkle

In the twinkle of an eye,
the present will pass by,
a change will come within,
a new life will begin,
old things become new,
false replaced with the true,
because of sacrifice,
one can have new life,
in Christ.