The Test

This life we live,
is like a test,
that all must take,
before we rest.
But if one,
clings to Christ
to the last,
they’ll find the test,
is one,
they pass.




The Facade

Men walk about,
with a facade,
that hides the pain,
and wounds.
Others claim,
to be pious men,
but are as,
whitewashed tombs.
Still others bare,
with divine strength,
the daily earthy slights,
their secret is,
the joy and faith,
they have found,
in Christ.



Some Disagree

One looks around,
and they can see,
so many things,
on which some disagree,
but that’s not the way,
it has to be,
for how good it is,
to live in unity.



Not Unfinished

Nothing was left unfinished,
with Christ’s death
upon the cross.
His sacrifice restored,
all that men had lost.
The power of death,
was defeated,
not just diminished.
Christ Himself stated,
on the cross,
“It is finished!”



No Matter The Dilemma

No matter the dilemma,
despite the situation,
there is no great problem,
or helpless complication,
that God can not redeem,
and make wrong turn into right,
if one turns to Him for answers,
salvation is His delight.



Not Pretend

Many move through life,
and pretend,
that this time they have,
will never end,
yet in Christ,
those passing through,
will have life eternal,
ever new.



I Shall Not Panic

I shall not panic,
I will not fear,
for I know,
that God is near.
He protects me
with His loving hand,
and lifts the fallen,
and helps them stand.