In Trusted Hands

In uncertainty,
I must,
in faith and trust,
although I may
not understand,
I am held,
in God’s hand.



Oh Holy Ghost

Come dwell within,
oh Holy Ghost,
inside this humble,
unworthy host.

Spirit of God,
always there,
with love abides,
showing great care.



I Reach For You

I reach for You,
who is always near,
to comfort me,
and remove my fear.
Yet even before,
my reaching starts,
You’re already here,
within my heart.

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My Obsession

I seek no sleep,
I need not rest,
my heart
and soul,
has become,
In all I think,
in all I do,
let it draw,
me close
to You.



Praise To God

I lift my voice,
to God in praise.
for His gracious love,
and marvelous ways.

I’ll speak of Him,
in joy I’ll sing,
of mighty God,
my Lord and King.

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