Not Frail

Although I appear,
weak and frail,
with faith in God,
I shall not fail.
He renews my soul,
and strengthens me,
and make me more,
than one might see.




3 thoughts on “Not Frail


    Its nice to say it when you are free
    Today you laugh saying it with glee
    When you know from where your next meal is coming
    When you know you don’t have to go or help pilfering
    With your heart in your hand shockingly
    When you are not hiding from the enemy
    Sometimes whom you trust then turn out to be slime
    When you can walk without fear anywhere or anytime
    If you are a woman knowing you’d be safe from rape
    To wear what you want a hijab a nikab or even a cape
    And can walk alone on any road without a chaperone
    And by a suicide bomber to pieces won’t be blown
    Oh Lord! how many people can fathom and say
    What’s going on with the refugees of Syria today
    My heart goes out to them in such ghastly conditions
    Who knows only trying to survive on meagre rations
    Can these wretched people know what is bliss
    Maybe they may think death is better than this
    Maybe we’d suffered with like maltreatment
    But for them we all want hope and betterment
    One way or the other sometime somewhere
    We know and should all show that we care
    For many of us forget we too were once refugees
    Although the evil ones are begging on their knees
    Many are against saying it is not the same
    Only the Amer-Indians can make that claim
    We couldn’t wait to get away to some other country or shore
    Some behave aloof don’t want to think of those days anymore
    What would North America be today without immigrants
    Even some legals turned out to be criminals and vagrants
    Don’t judge the innocent without a trial
    Don’t block them with insidious denial
    Open your hearts give them a chance
    Let them once again sing and dance
    Welcome them when they do arrive
    Shower them so they can feel alive

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