Dramatic Change

To some I may,
seem fanatic,
but the change,
God made,
has been,
He cleansed,
my spirit,
every part,
and gave to me,
a new soul,
and heart.




Like The Wind

Like the mystery of the wind,
that comes from,
who knows where,
The Spirit flows from God,
as help and gentle care.



In And Out Of Crisis

In times of crisis,
I turn to you.
You restore my soul,
I am renewed.

I praise You Lord,
for all You’ve done,
and the Gift,
of Your Son.



Elusive Here

Joy and peace,
may feel elusive,
in this world of sin.

But to dwell,
in God’s Spirit,
brings one,
peace within.



My Drive

My motivation,
and my drive,
while I’m aware,
and alive,
is to do,
what God requires,
this is my hope
and desire.



The Bragging Darkness

The darkness bragged of its power.
How it could strip the colors bare.
How it was strengthened in the shadows.
Fear made imaginations there.
It was awesome and majestic.
None could escape its might.
Then it fled in terror.
At the arrival of The Light.