Clouds Of Witnesses

Great clouds of witnesses,
observe us living life.
They know of our struggle,
to do what is right.
When the battles are all over,
and we’re released,
from all harm,
they will be there to greet us,
with love,
and open arms.





A Tourist Passing Through

I pass through this world,
as if a tourist.
Knowing this is not,
where I will find rest.
My peace shall be,
in the age to come,
with God and King,
in His Son.



I Seek Water

I thirst for God,
my heavenly Father,
as in a desert,
seeking water.
If I’m to survive,
in this dry land,
I need the Lord,
to hold my hand.




A Fence Around Me

The Lord has put a hedge,
a fence around my life.
To protect me from attack,
from the hatred,
of the light.
If in battle,
I should fall,
my foe celebrates
in vain.
For through the grace
of God,
I shall rise,



He Fulfilled Prophecy

He fulfilled,
all prophecy.
He sacrificed,
for you and me.
From the chains of death,
He set us free.
Jesus gave,
us victory.



The Better Way

Far from the path,
I wandered,
into the briars,
and the thorns.
Drifting from the direction,
For which
I was born.
But then the Lord saved me,
from continuing astray.
He’s renewed my life,
and shown me,
His is the better way.