He Fulfilled Prophecy

He fulfilled,
all prophecy.
He sacrificed,
for you and me.
From the chains of death,
He set us free.
Jesus gave,
us victory.




No Longer Aimless

Wandering through life aimless,
bored with the daily sameness,
I found new life,
purpose and meaning,

thanks to God’s grace,



My Perfection

It takes little reflection,
to see my lack of perfection,
yet because of God’s sacrifice,
I’m now made perfect,
in Christ.



Not Natural

It is not always natural,
to do those things admiral,
But action falls in place,
with help,
from God’s grace.



Understanding It’s Right

Far above my understanding,
are God’s ways and commanding.
I may not comprehend,
direction from above,
yet I know it is good,
and based in love.



Living In Simplicity

To live in simplicity,
frees one from toxicity.
The burden on oneself,
greatly lessons,
when not weighted down,
by much possessions.

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