At The Crossroads

Many come to a crossroad,
the choice has them lost,
know then the right direction,
is the road,
with a cross.




Not Always A Snap

Change not always,
comes in a snap.
One may often slip,
and fall back,
Yet there is,
steady progress,
and moving forward,
when one’s heart,
and life,
is in The Lord.



Not Superstition

It’s not ritual,
or superstition,
but in all hearts,
by intuition,
the leading,
one forward,
to be one,
with the Lord.



Tricks Of The Traitor

The evil one will tempt,
his ways are very tricky.
He promises life and health,
but leaves one dead or sickly.
He is is the father of lies,
he kills with deceit.
Turn to Christ,
for life and truth,
satisfied and complete.



A Faraway Kingdom

I dream of a kingdom,
so faraway,
where joy will never part.
Yet the perfect kingdom,
of the Lord,
is already,
In my heart.



The Contrasting Ways

The great contrast
is between
dark and light.
The path of evil,
or to do what’s right.
Surely all do know,
and all have heard.
It’s all laid out,
in God’s written Word.



Having Clarity

In this world,
it’s a rarity,
to live a life
in clarity,
but it’s not hard
to understand,
if you live,
in God’s plan.