Wall Leaping Power (based on Psalm 18:28-30)

He is a shield of protection,
I can leap over a wall.
His love and ways,
are perfect.
He gives me power,
to make troops fall.
For those who seek,
He gives refuge.
The promises of the Lord,
are faithful and true.




Once For All (based on Hebrews 9:27)

To live and die once,
for all men this is appointed.
Then comes the judgement,
for the disappointed and anointed.






Love One Another (based on John 13:34-35)

“Love one another”,
is the Lord’s new command.
To show we are His disciples,
before all men.


Morning Light

I arise at morning light,
and thank God it is His delight,
to love and gaurd me in His sight,
and guide me in the way that’s right.


I Run The Race

I run the race,
in the faith,
God grants me power,
in His grace.
Not in my haste,
but by His pace,
I will arrive,
at that Holy Place.

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Holding On

Through the ashes,
and the dust,
and fallen ruins,
burned and crushed,
despite where I,
find myself thrust,
I’ll cling to your hand,
with love and trust.