Have You Not Heard? (based on Isaiah 40:28 )

Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The Lord,
God the everlasting,
created all with His Word.
He does not faint or grow weary,
all bow to His commanding.
Eternal and unsearchable,
is his understanding.




The Crown Of Love (based on Psalm 103:4-6)

The lord gives vindication,
and to the weary rest.
He administers justice,
for all who are oppressed.
He satisfies with good,
and renews youth like eagle’s wings.
With steadfast love and mercy,
He crowns you as a king.

My Fort Of Refuge (based on Psalm 59:16)

From morning,
until night,
I will sing,
of God’s might.
His steadfast,
loving ways,
are a fort of refuge,
in the day.



The Rich Man In Hades (based on Luke 16:30-31)

“Father Abraham”, said the rich man,
“I ask Lazarus to be sent,
for if my brothers see his ghost,
surely they will repent.”
The rich man in Hades,
awaited the answer to his cry.
Abraham looked sadly,
and gave him this reply.
“They have Moses and the Prophets,
they’ve not listened to what they said.
They’ll not be convinced,
even if someone rises from the dead.”


He Is With You Always

As a christian you are an adopted child of God.
You are a member of quite an impressive family.
God’s gives His Holy Spirit to flow and live in, and through you.
You are never far from the presence of God.
When you pray to God you may have a sense he is listening to you from heaven.
When you finish praying perhaps you feel like He goes about His business and maybe only watches you out of the corner of His eye.
But He has not moved.
He is still beside you, around you, and in you.
We should remember this always and conduct ourselves knowing we are being observed by a loving Father.